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Start-ups and health care’s digital transformation

PatchAi is an Italian-Serbian start up that deals with one of the many aspects of the clinical trials, using smart algorithms in order to increase the level of engagement of the patients that have been tested.

18 Dec


Wednesday, 18. dec


Filip Ivančić



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About the presentation

The modernization of health care is coming. This giant, complex and expensive industry finally enters the process of metamorphosis, supported by new technologies, but the question is – why only now? The reason is very simple, the belief that technology can solve health care problems didn’t exist until now. Decision-makers, mostly members of the older generation that work on higher positions in health care, did not have enough experience nor examples of the positive practices that will assure them it is time to let themselves go and enter into the world of digitalization and digital transformation. Besides that, there is a rigorous, outdated legal framework in place, whose goal is to protect patients’ health, but usually the big players’ interests and by that, additionally slowing the effort for progress in this sector. 

This sort of environment in the healthcare industry could affect demotivation, but precisely because of that, there are a lot of potential opportunities for innovative improvements in different fields of health care. A lot of existing digital solutions, from collecting and processing data to not using basic postulates of the UX, that other industries mostly use, are visibly missing or not existing at all in already developed products and services in the healthcare field. 

A young, Italian-Serbian startup named PatchAi, recognized some of those lacks in the clinical trials.

Our audience will have an opportunity to meet PatchAi and the solutions they are bringing to the market, through the presentation of its co-founder and COO, Filip Ivančić. Filip is going to talk about not only the path they took and development of the product, but about specific challenges and opportunities that work in this field brings. 

The lecture is aimed at the audience interested in hearing something more about innovations in health care, as well as at people who believe that innovations and startups could improve outdated industries and domains. 

PatchAi is Italian-Serbian startup that deals with one of the many aspects of the clinical trials, using smart algorithms in order to increase the level of engagement of the patients that have been tested. PatchAi is founded in January 2019, by winning the Italian startup competitions specialized for ideas in digital health care. PatchAi already won about 10 startup competitions, collecting more than €100k in prizes, finished two rounds of investments and found its first big client.


After the presentation, the participants are invited to enjoy local craft beer Šlif and continue the informal talk.


Filip Ivancic

Filip Ivančić

Co-founder and COO at PatchAi

Co-founder and COO at PatchAi, the Italian-Serbian startup that deals with digitalization in one of the many aspects of the clinical trials. Filip was born in 1990 and comes from the world of the pharmaceutical business. Before stepping into the field of the digital transformation of health care, he worked on different positions in pharmaceutical corporations where he got the necessary knowledge to run a company in this field. After finishing his master's studies in Milan, Filip is starting the PatchAi project, realizing that entrepreneurship is his call.