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Strategical Planning

The fourth mentoring workshop within the 3rd cycle of the NELT Educational Program.

13 Apr


Friday, 13. apr


Nana Radenković



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About the workshop

When being struck by an idea for a project or business development, we often rely on our intuition and assumptions, which can only be relevant in business to certain extent, although we are aware that decision making should be based on tangible parameters and measurable data.

Bearing that in mind, this workshop focuses on skills, knowledge, and capacity building necessary to get better insight into pros and cons, challenges and opportunities that come with initiatives, projects, and business ideas we initiate or realize.

This workshop uses a series of practical exercises to present the tools helpful in strategical thinking and planning, with the goal of creating a high quality and relevant product, service, or project.

The NELT Company organizes the third cycle of the NELT Educational Program aimed to students, in a collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. Within the third cycle of NEP, 25 selected students will have an opportunity to develop their practical skills from the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, but also to spread their views about critical thinking, teamwork, project development. The trainees will participate in the unique experience of collaboration and knowledge, this year under the slogan THINK FUTURE!


Nana Radenković

Educator and mentor in the field of Entrepreneurship

One of the co-founders of Nova Iskra, where from the very beginning she is actively engaged in creating special educational programs for the wider community of our hub and the general public. Nana is devoted to creating special educational programs with the aim to provide young professionals with the skill sets necessary in an increasingly fluid and shifting job market, as well as challenging economic and social circumstances, not only on the local but on the global level.
Nana is designing programs, projects and partnerships which are contributing to empowering individuals and teams through education, one that expands our knowledge and experience, improves skills, and contributes to our overall personal improvement and development.
Nana Radenković holds an MA in Management in Culture, Interculturalism and Mediation in Balkans (University of the Arts Belgrade) and BA in Art History (Philosophical Faculty of Belgrade University). She has great professional experience in public, private and civil society organizations in the fields of art, culture and cultural industries. She is also the founder of the KidsPatch festival for children, and was a guest professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, as well as one of the mentors in the Creative Mentorship program.