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Technological development and post-capitalist transition

Fifth public lecture as part of the Studies of Commons program will be presented by Zagreb-based theoretician Tomislav Medak.

20 Jan


Friday, 20. jan


Tomislav Medak



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About the lecture

Fifth public lecture as part of the Studies of Commons program will be held on January 20th at 6 PM at Nova Iskra, and will be presented by Zagreb-based theoretician Tomislav Medak. The following day, Tomislav will also hold a practical workshop titled My Public Electronic Library: From Librarian – amateur to researcher – discoverer, from bound books to digital notes (records).

In his lecture Technological development and post-capitalist transition, Tomislav Medak will start from analysis of structural function of technologies and technological development in capitalism. He will present how leading technologies that carry the processes of containerization, computerization and financialization enable the reproduction of capitalist relations on a global scale, just as the structural dynamics of capitalist relations give a conditional direction of the technological development.

Tune in to Facebook live transmission of the lecture! All interested parties who are unable to physically attend the public lectures will have the opportunity to follow them live on the Facebook page of Nova Iskra.


Systemic change cannot be derived from from the development of productive forces, neither by acceleration processes such as automation, or by means of reappropriation of individual technological systems. Integration of technological systems in the social metabolism of capitalism is based on exploitation and extraction, therefore limits the reflection on the role of technology in post-capitalist transition. Nevertheless, anti-systemic forces cannot ignore the issue of technology and technological development, if they want the newly built social relations not to become victims of extended reproduction of the old relationships through the inertia of technological systems.

Studies of Commons are organized by Nova Iskra, Ministry of Space and Regional Science Research Centre of the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, and will be realized with the support of Heinrich Boell Foundation.



Tomislav Medak


Tomislav Medak leads the theoretical program and publishing activities of the Multimedia Institute / MAMA in Zagreb. He is a defender of free software and free culture, and in recent years through the work on the project Memory of the World / Public Library deals with the issues regarding knowledge accessibility, the limited role of public libraries in the digital environment and "libraries in the shadows”.He is also author and performer with the Zagreb theater collective BADco.