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The final event of the third cycle of NELT Educational Program

The presentation of interactive machines, created as a result of the NELT educational program participants and mentorship of the artistic collective Karkatag.

26 Sep


Wednesday, 26. sep





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About the presentation

The closing event of this unique, interdisciplinary, experimental and educational program for students from different faculties, will be realized by the installation of the several interactive machines located in public places. The machines are a result of the mentorship process with the artistic collective Karkatag from Belgrade.

The interactive machines will be exhibited on 3 locations in Belgrade:

Location 1: Plateau at the Faculty of Philosophy from 3PM to 6:30PM

Location 2: Port of Belgrade, Karađorđeva bb from 3PM to 6:30PM

Location 3: Ostavinska Gallery, Kraljevića Marka 8 from 3PM to 9PM

We invite you to visit all locations and join us later for the cocktail party in the Ostavinska Gallery from 7PM, where you will have the opportunity to watch a short movie and browse the catalogue, both dedicated to the NEP3 cycle.

Within the 3rd NEP cycle, 23 chosen students had an opportunity to develop their practical skills in new technologies, art, contemporary skills and entrepreneurship and expand their knowledge of critical thinking, teamwork and project development. The participants had the unique opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and collaboration skills, this year under the slogan THINK FUTURE!

We expect you on Wednesday, September 26th!

For those who were not able to join us, the exhibition, all of the machines and the movie will be open for visitors at Ostavinska Gallery until September 30th, from 5PM to 9PM.


The interactive machines open various dialogues with the audience: tourism (prejudices and disappointing expectations), elitism (artistic content and artistic spaces), and the alienation (private and public bureaucratic procedures). The machines are spacious specific, so every one of them refers to the concrete location where it is exhibited (public spaces and the showroom).

NELT Company organizes the third cycle of the NELT Educational Program aimed at students, in a collaboration with Nova Iskra and Gallery 12 Hub. Within the third cycle of NEP, 25 selected students will have an opportunity to develop their practical skills from the field of creativity and entrepreneurship, but also to spread their views about critical thinking, teamwork, project development. From economy and entrepreneurship, critical theory, activism and cultural management to dramatic arts, design and new technologies, students went through a unique experience which this year takes place under the slogan THE OTHER SIDE OF KNOWLEDGE!



Art collective

Karkatag is Belgrade based Serbian art collective. It exists since 2009.
Karkatag includes machines, interactive and autonomous installations and manipulable objects. Karkatag uses industrial materials and technologies in research of different natural and scientific phenomena, interactivity and performativity of machines, sound, motion. Through public actions and performances, by placing installations and machines in space as urban scenography and props, this collective also introduces social aspects of its work. In those settings spectator/passerby is being involved in co-play with machine/installation and thereby becoming an active partaker in changing the perception of space and daily routine of the city. Karkatag works are participatory and the situation generated through their use is integral part of their realization. Aiming to encourage experimentation and to make its metalworking and mechanical knowledge available, collective organizes series of workshops as well as offering workplace, tools and advising. Karkatag has three permanent members that are together defining, managing and realizing the work of collective. Nevertheless, team structure is generally fluid and from project to project it involves new people.