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The first youth camp within the Youth Media Hub project: Learn, Collaborate, Create!

In partnership with Intera from Mostar, Nova Iskra realized the first online youth camp during the last weekend in September, within the Youth Media Hub, a part of international regional programme Dialogue for the Future (DFF).

26 Sep


Saturday, 26. sep





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About the workshop

These youth camps represent the second module within the project, which started in July of this year, with online media and digital literacy training courses for youth ages 16 to 22.

In this instance, a specific number of participants who completed the training course have been offered the opportunity to collaborate with other young people of their age from Bosnia & Herzegovina, in developing skills in the fields of contemporary media production (creative writing, research, technical skills…) and, finally, to participate in the collaborative production of their own digital media formats as part of international teams. 

The project dedicated to raising the level of media and digital literacy of youth in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia started this summer with training courses in which participants developed their knowledge about digital security, fake news, algorithms, advocacy or investigative journalism. Their media and digital literacy journey continue through two online youth camps. 

Within the first online camp which is going to be held on Saturday, September 26th and Sunday, September 27th, all participants will have the opportunity to learn about the relationship between communications, media and messages, storytelling, as well as how to choose and recognize relevant topics in their wider communities, but also how to create online content. These two-day gatherings will be reserved for meetings between the young people from both countries, while creating the teams who will work together on the basic idea formulation. The teams are going to work together on defined topics and challenges, especially during the second online camp in October. During those two days, the participants will learn about team culture, presentational skills, PR and many other relevant topics that will help them in the next step – creating their own media content. 

During autumn, the young participants will continue working on their content, supervised by the project coordinators and mentors. Audio and visual materials, podcasts and blogs are just some of the formats that teams will produce, depending on their own particular interests. Those creations will represent a clear message about the topics they were working on to their peers. The skills developed through the programs will be used to produce high-quality media content that is going to be promoted through social media channels of the project partners, transferring the voice of the youth to the wider audience and multiplying the project impact. 

Due to the current pandemic situation, the camp will be realized completely online.

Youth Media Hub is a partnership project between Nova Iskra Creative Hub from Belgrade and INTERA Technology Park from Mostar.

The project is realized within the joint regional programme Dialogue for the Future (DFF), led by UNDP, UNICEF and UNESCO, and funded by UN PBF.