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What is the easiest way to sell your design to the clients?

The second IxDA Belgrade meetup at Nova Iskra.

26 Feb


Wednesday, 26. feb



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Free by application

About the panel

“How much should I charge for this?” – the most common question that has been asked by freelance designers. 

The audience will have an opportunity to hear a personal story about the process of selling and get an insight into a process that doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Also, the participants will get concrete suggestions on how to deal with this problem, as well as directions on how to recognize “the client from hell” and move their energy to someone who appreciates more their creativity and potential. 


19:00 – 20:00 Lecture

20:00 – 20:15 Q&A

20:15 – 20:30 Networking



The number of seats is limited and the applications are available on the link. 


Nikola Vukasinovic

Nikola Vukašinović

UX designer and Creative Director at Namics

UX designer and Creative Director at Namics, where he works on projects for the biggest German and Swiss clients (Siemens, UBS, Raiffeisen). Also, he runs his own design studio and collaborates with start ups from all around the world. He has worked on the web for the last 15 years, mostly as a freelancer. He is a co-lead of the IxDA Belgrade (the biggest global community of “interaction” designers).