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Aleksandra Savanović

Istraživačica/Projektna menadžerka

Iva Čukić


Aleksandar Matković



Ministarstvo prostora

Institut za filozofiju i društvenu teoriju, Novi Sad


Heinrich Böll Foundation

Foundation for Open Society


Project Coordinator

Aleksandra Savanović


Zajednič is a network of organizations, initiatives and individuals who, in their work, are studying, preserving and improving the common good in legal, economic and organizational terms through research, public advocacy and policy development as well as through organization of various educational and informative programs.

Zajednič was formed as a result of the specially designed educational program of Nova Iskra under the name of the Studies of Commons. These Studies are based on the analysis of existing practices and exploration of possible concepts and solutions for the improvement of work processes, production, as well as the life in communities, especially those conducted by the idea of the general or common good, i.e. commons.

The aim of the study program is to help participants understand what it means nowadays to work and live according to the principles of commons, and through a specially designed, intensive, participatory, collaborative and interdisciplinary program to empower individuals and collectives to gain awareness of general/common goods in their process of thinking and acting.

WHY [What problem is solved]

More and more noticable “withdrawal” of the state from the domain of preserving and managing public / common resources, as well as the provision of services necessary for human reproduction (from education to water supply) as a result of neoliberal adjustments, create many negative consequences for city development, public infrastructure and economic position of citizens.

Having that in mind, commons appear as a useful concept for the regulation and management of natural goods, that is common good or social property. The common good should be managed by the community, and not exposed to the market and run by the neo-liberal state; the community should have benefits from meeting its common needs; such a common resource should be nurtured for the benefit of future generations. In the wake of these changes, the concept of a common good appears as a possible way of thinking how to deal with these transformations.

The aim of the project is to reintroduce and explore the possibilities for applying this concept while facing the problems and challenges around us.


How (we did this project)

The program introduced different views of organisational structures that offer positive results through analysis of good practices in diverse contexts, as well as suggestions that could be helpful in practice for other local contexts when it comes to the management and use of common resources. At the same time, the program focused on some collaborative practices including developing its own forms and models that are related to the idea of commons.

The participants were able to hear about different experiences and approaches related to the subject, while some of the renowned lecturers were Tomislav Tomašević (Institute of Political Ecology, Zagreb), Felipe Duarte (Berlin), Dea Vidović (Kulturanova, Zagreb), Karyotis Theodoros (Viome, Thessaloniki), Tomislav Medak (MAMA, Zagreb), Panayotis Antoniadis and Ileana Apostol(nethood, Zurich) and others.

Activities of the Zajednič network are realized through the creation of an online platform www.zajednič, organization of public discussions, conference, launch of a radio show and many more.


What is the next step

Network activities will include numerous public events and programs in this and next year – lectures, talks, podcasts, promotional campaigns, researches and advocacy projects and initiatives.