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21 Feb 2023

Bricks Made of Words – Location Cyprus

February 20-24; Organised by Cyprus University of Technology
Fifth event on Bricks Made of Words project is dedicated to mechanisms of creating EU youth policies. Participants will have structured debates on topics such as migration and human rights, youth employment and euroscepticism.
Empowering youth fro undertaking structured dialog they will be encouraged to learn more about public speaking, mind flexibility and openness to different cultures. During co-creation sessions starting point of the co-creation sessions will be that Euroscepticism is not a problem but as a process that can provide useful points of views for the creation of the Europe of the future. Finally participants will be creating a statement document to present at the final event in Brussels.
Participants from Serbia: Anastasija Đukić, Iva Kojić, Miona Dimitrijević i Jovan Aksentijević.

Bricks Made of Words aims to bridge the gap between young Europeans and the Union’s policy makers, through allowing a better understanding of Eurosceptics’ arguments as well as Euro-supporters’ triggers.

The project process aims to foster the civic engagement of European youth. The overall project idea is based on the concept that Euroscepticism can be considered as a challenge and a resource to detect possible solutions to the problems Europe is facing today, and to set the bases of a new Europe, meant to be the Europe of all its Citizens.

What are key European values and policies and how citizens can make a difference are core questions that the project “Bricks Made of Words: building Europe again through dialogue” will try to answer through 6 events held in Italy, Republic of Serbia, Romania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belgium and Cyprus, where local citizens, policy makers, experts, facilitators, students will meet and discuss together to debate different point of views, find common grounds and design together new perspectives and policy proposals.