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4 Dec 2018

Nova Iskra invites Serbian companies to take part in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program


Nova Iskra offers a new opportunity for pan-European collaboration between Serbian companies and experienced entrepreneurs with young entrepreneurs from seven European countries through Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program!

During 2018 and 2019, Nova Iskra is participating in the project Excite 2.0, a program dedicated to the international professional exchanges in Serbia and Europe. The exchanges are realized through the European Union program – Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) – and gives the opportunity for 9 Serbian companies or experienced entrepreneurs to host young entrepreneurs from Sweden, Germany, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, The Netherlands and Slovakia during 2019, as well as the same number of young entrepreneurs from Serbia to spend a couple of months in one of those countries.

The focus of the Excite 2.0 program is on the cultural and creative industries field (CCI), with a goal of the knowledge, new entrepreneurial ideas and innovations exchange, as well as the opening of the opportunities on the European markets, what makes internationalization and business development possible in these sectors. The program provides monthly scholarships for stays of the foreign entrepreneurs in Serbia, which means that there are no costs for domestic companies when it comes to participate in this program. The focus is on the experience exchange, collaboration, interpersonal support, with a goal of the development of the entrepreneurs, but the companies they are hosted by.

The role of Nova Iskra is to be the local coordination and support point dedicated to these entrepreneurs (individuals) and host companies, especially active in the field of cultural and creative industries, in order to find complementary entrepreneurs from European countries to connect with. Study stays will be realized throughout 2019, with a duration of 1, 2 or 3 months, depending on circumstances and possibilities.

All the interested companies and registered entrepreneurs from Serbia that are active in the cultural and creative industries field (including IT companies and related works), can apply for participation in the program, by sending an e-mail to the program coordinator at relja@novaiskra.comInterested companies should send a short company profile and any relevant links. Soon after the application, you will be contacted by Nova Iskra about further details and preparation of the company profile for the online system of the EYE program, within which the “matchmaking” of the companies and entrepreneurs is taking place. The open call for the companies is constantly open, but there is a greater chance to host an entrepreneur in the next year if you apply earlier, ideally by the end of 2018 or not later  than January or February 2019.

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) is international exchange that gives an opportunity to new, ambitious entrepreneurs (New Entrepreneurs – NE) to learn from experienced entrepreneurs (Host Entrepreneurs – HE), that run micro and small businesses in partnership countries. The exchange of the experience is happening during the study stay with experienced entrepreneurs, who are helping the new entrepreneurs to develop new skills needed to run a small company. Hosts are having an opportunity to get a new perspective of their own work, but also an opportunity to collaborate with foreign partners and learn about new markets. The stay of the new entrepreneurs is partly financed by the European Union. Since 2009, when the program is launched, the mobility of the entrepreneurs is increased what impacts positively on the European economy. The researches show that program develops entrepreneurial ability of the participants, as well as the competencies that are very important for their new established businesses.

Find out more details about the Excite2.0 project and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program on Nova Iskra website –