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9 Nov 2021

Nova Iskra is one of the partners within the “Venture an Idea” project


Digital Serbia Initiative and the American Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the Venture an Idea project, which will, in the next four years, together with the following partners – Startit, PWC, Faculty of Organizational Sciences and Nova Iskra, develop various partnerships and activities with the aim to support both existing and future entrepreneurs on their path from innovative ideas to world-renowned startups. 

The consortium gathered around the Digital Serbia Initiative will focus on the promotion of entrepreneurial thinking, strengthening the link between the academic community and the private sector, encouraging multidisciplinary approaches in the development of innovation and other topics important for the further development of the innovation ecosystem of Serbia.

“One of the main elements of the Venture an idea project is to help young people to transform their business ideas into real products and to make a business out of them. The United States gives support to this initiative because we believe in the innovative potential of Serbia, and we want to encourage the change of the old way of thinking. We want the best and smartest in Serbia not they have to go abroad to realize their dreams and ambitions, ”said the American Ambassador Anthony Godfrey.

Nova Iskra, within the project, will focus on some of the aspects of development and improvement of knowledge exchange in the startup ecosystem, work with international professionals, digital nomads and co-founders who are recognizing Belgrade as the digital and innovation hub in the region. 

Through Belgrade Gets Digital platform, Nova Iskra will provide relevant and important information about the local ecosystem, legal and administrative procedures, but also about the culture and business opportunities for the entrepreneurs and professionals already living and working from Belgrade or the ones that are thinking of choosing this city as their desired destination to work from. 

Alongside this digital platform, Nova Iskra initiated a physical meeting point for this community, creating in this way new opportunities for sharing knowledge, creating connections, collaborations and partnerships within the local ecosystem.