Nova Iskra Nova Iskra Workspace Nova Iskra Studio
29 Dec 2021

Studio Obe won the first prize at this year’s Balkan Architectural Biennale for Nova Iskra Workspace design!


At this year’s Balkan Architectural Biennale, Studio Obe has been awarded the Grand Prix and the first prize in the category Interior Design for the project Nova Iskra Workspace Dorćol from September 2019!

The third space Nova Iskra Workspace opened, and the best-equipped coworking space in the city is located in the Upper Dorćol district. This location is the first coworking space in Belgrade with an accompanying restaurant and bar, as well as an event space that is completely isolated from the working area.

A talented duo from Studio Obe, architects Jasna Kavran and Ksenija Pantović, helped us turn our interior into a pleasant working environment that fits our community’s desires and needs. The girls decided to go with pastel tones and curved lines in furniture and lighting. 

We invite you to visit us at the Cara Uroša 18 Street, try one of our meeting rooms, organize your event or taste some delicacies in the Branč restaurant!

Congratulations to Studio Obe for the great realization!