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23 Dec 2019

The Creative FLIP project and ECHN announce peer-to-peer exchanges between creative hubs and their members


European Creative Hubs Network just announced the open call for support on peer-to-peer exchanges between creative hubs and their communities members across Europe. This biggest peer-to-peer exchange for hubs so far is realized within Creative FLIP project, led by Goethe Institute together with the partner consortium, including ECHN and is co-funded by European Commission. 

40 exchanges between creative hubs will be supported, while all the hubs from EU could apply, as well as all the hubs from the countries involved in Creative Europe program (including Serbia) and hubs from countries that are part of ENP (European Neighborhood Policy), no matter if they are ECHN members or not. The concept of the exchanges is that a hub nominates one member of its team and one member of its community to spend 4 or 5 days together at a hosting hub in another country and create conditions for exchange and knowledge and experience transfer between hubs themselves, but also between their members, therefore, to realize one educational event together. Hubs that don’t have a concrete hub they would like to go in, could still apply and ECHN will find them a matching hub, if they pass the selection process. In this round of peer-to-peer exchanges around 80 members of European creative community will travel, and about 200 creatives will take part in the program. 

The program covers travel, accommodation and stay costs. Deadline for applications is February 1st 2020, while the exchanges could be realized between March 15th and June 15th this year. All the details, as well as impressions of some pilot peer-to-peer exchanges that have been realized during last fall, are on the website

Creative FLIP project also announces the conference dedicated to the financing process of the creative industries – Flipping the Odds, that is going to be held on January 28th and 29th in Brussels, organized in collaboration with European Commission. Check all the details on the following link: