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10 May 2022

Post Social Media Club: The Lab in Malmö


Nova Iskra is a partner in the project Post Social Media Club which investigates and explores the post-social media landscape using the methodology of speculative design. Post Social Media Club brings together young European creatives for a programme to investigate and speculate on alternative futures. More process than result-oriented, the programme offers creatives an interdisciplinary journey into understanding the mark that social media has left on the world and speculating on the post-social media landscape. 

Our next step in the project will premiere a custom-developed laboratory for artistic research on the social media landscape exploring topics such as media and tech disobedience, digital legacy and digital nostalgia. 

The Lab is a 5-day activity for 25 participants and 5 partner organization representatives that will take place at STPLNs premises in Malmö, Sweden. Over the weeklong “hackathon” styled activity, the participants will apply the knowledge gained on the project so far to produce art pieces on the theme of Post Social Media. The participants will work in dynamic interdisciplinary teams and will have access to different facilities and equipment to produce their ideas. The program will be curated to include inspirational talks, intercultural social activities and short, vibrant workshops. 

The project is run by a partnership of creative hubs between STPLN, Volumes, Nova Iskra, ATÖLYE and Bios. The project is run by five members of the European Creative Hubs Network : a peer-led network with a mission to enhance the creative, economic and social impact of hubs around Europe and neighboring countries.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.