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Team culture

This workshop will present specific methods for creating and leading functional, multidisciplinary teams, ones that will support your idea or your company’s activities, products and strategies in the best possible way.

2 Feb

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Nova Iskra

3 Feb

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Nana Radenković


2 dana

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Petak, 02. februar (18 - 20 h) i subota 03. februar (od 10 do 14 h)


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What is it about?

Studies show that teams have better predispositions for innovation, they are quicker in spotting mistakes and problems, and are seeking better solutions to challenges, offering suggestions for improvement. Still, working with others can sometimes be very frustrating, distracting and not that effective. This workshop will detect possible reasons for that, and offer practical solutions and suggestions on how to create and maintain good team dynamics, which is very important not only for you, but for your collaborators as well.

Through a number of practical examples, this workshop will reveal which specific skills you might need to improve in order to become a productive part of a successful team. At the same time, it will demonstrate helpful tools for planning, organizing and leading a process that involves a group of people who are on a common quest – to create a positive value, good project or a functional service.

First part of the workshop will focus on existing practices and usual routines in the office communication, as well as on the common mistakes we all make when collaborating with others. It will present some of the theories and reveal some possible reasons for not being productive enough or not being able to collaborate with others with success. The second part will focus on practical tools that can help you to manage people, time and resources in everyday, project or office operations. Through several practical exercises, participants will have an opportunity to understand the value of every team member, as well as to understand their own role in any team better.

Participation in the workshop is free of charge – anyone interested can apply via the online form at The deadline for application is January XX at midnight. The workshop will begin on Friday, February 2nd (6PM – 8PM), and continue during Saturday, February 3r (10AM – 2PM).

This workshop will present specific methods for creating and leading functional, multidisciplinary teams who will support your idea, or your companies activities, products and strategies in the best possible way.

Who is it for?

This workshop will be very useful for people of any profession, the ones who are working or planning to work within teams, especially multidisciplinary ones. At the same time, it can help people who are working in the NGO sector, SMEs or are creating their own startups. This workshop can be useful also for small, informal groups and collectives.

What's in it for me?

The workshop will show you that sometimes small things and decisions are enough to transform your workflow into a pleasant process, through practical suggestions on how to deal with conflict situations in the team, or to better understand the real reasons behind certain reactions or college behavior. The end goal of the workshop is for your work to become more productive and effective, and the understanding among team members is raised to a higher level.


Nana Radenkovic

Nana Radenković

Educator and mentor in the field of Entrepreneurship

One of the co-founders of Nova Iskra, where from the very beginning she is actively engaged in creating special educational programs for the wider community of our hub and the general public. Nana is devoted to creating special educational programs with the aim to provide young professionals with the skill sets necessary in an increasingly fluid and shifting job market, as well as challenging economic and social circumstances, not only on the local but on the global level.
Nana is designing programs, projects and partnerships which are contributing to empowering individuals and teams through education, one that expands our knowledge and experience, improves skills, and contributes to our overall personal improvement and development.
Nana Radenković holds an MA in Management in Culture, Interculturalism and Mediation in Balkans (University of the Arts Belgrade) and BA in Art History (Philosophical Faculty of Belgrade University). She has great professional experience in public, private and civil society organizations in the fields of art, culture and cultural industries. She is also the founder of the KidsPatch festival for children, and was a guest professor at the Faculty of Media and Communications in Belgrade, as well as one of the mentors in the Creative Mentorship program.