Anja Pendić

Born and raised in Belgrade. After gaining education in School for design in Belgrade, she moves to Milan, in Italy. There she gains new knowledge and experiences on faculty Politecnico di Milano, and in 2007. she returns to Belgrade with bachelor's degree in industrial design.

Later she starts working in Kubo showroom, where she gets further insight into Italian furniture design, lighting, and the latest trends in choosing materials for production. There she also gets important experience in relationship with clients and manufacturers.


During 2008. she enrolls in studies of interior design on Istituti Callegari in Belgrade, which she successfully finishes in 2010. Further knowledge of interior design gathers during 2010. and 2011. as a volunteer in one big company from Belgrade.

Besides design, she likes to draw, paint, and learn about foreign languages and cultures. For many years she is collecting books and magazines about design and art.