Design and socially-responsible business united in the DOBRA TORBA project



"Dobra torba" (meaning "Good bag" in Serbian) is a project initiated by Smart kolektiv with the aim of economical empowerment of women in Serbia, as one of the key conditions for the development of the society as a whole, and establishing higher standards of human rights.


Smart kolektiv is a pioneering organization in our country, specially in the field of promoting the development of socially-responsible businesses, social innovation, youth entrepreneurship and social marketing. 


The idea of the project was to develop a specially designed product which would be then produced by unemployed women, gathered around several women's societies and organizations from around Serbia. The aim was to create a concurrent product with a modern design, which would be aimed at socially-aware companies. These companies would be directly supporting the socially endangered groups by buying the product in question. 


Nova Iskra also played a part in developing this project, mostly in the process of the development of the actual product design which was a collaboration with young designers. Dobra torba was designed by Zorana Stojanović, Marko Ćerketa and Bojan Jovanović, members of the Creative Hub network of Nova Iskra.


The result is a multifunctional and durable, handmade bag with an original and recognizable design.