NOVA ISKRA and SIMPO ŠIK strategic cooperation


Design Incubator NOVA ISKRA and domestic leader in the production of wooden and fiber plates, SIMPO ŠIK from Kuršumlija have signed an agreement on strategic cooperation and future partnership. In this way, SIMPO ŠIK has become the first member of IN INDUSTRY HUB and first domestic company that recognized NOVA ISKRA as logical partner and collaborator in an effort to enrich its products' assortiment, develop production lines and increase the competitiveness of its products. Furthermore, SIMPO ŠIK had seen the potential of the cooperation for the development of entire Serbian furniture industry through the cooperation with creative young industrial and furniture designers.


SIMPO ŠIK was founded in February 2010, as a subsidiary company within SIMPO AD Vranje. Their production program is based on fibreboard (raw and refined), lumber, plywood (plain and water-resistant) flooring and beech elements. SIMPO ŠIK's products are currently available at the markets of Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Hungary, Romany, Italy, Germany, Sweden and Morocco, but  they also plan to expend to new global markets. In 2011, SIMPO ŠIK won the "Best-partner" award on the Construction and Equipment Fair in Niš, "Quality product" award at Funriture Fair in Belgrade, and Award for remarcable results in business from the Regional Chaimbre of Commerce Niš. SIMPO ŠIK's president Ljubomir Ilkić is named The Manager of the Year for the achievements in sustainability of domestic production by the Business Journalist Club.


"Simpo have always given chances to young, creative people. That is the rule we in Simpo Šik apply as well. Nova Iskra and Simpo Šik agreed to start a strategic cooperation thereby jointly helping the development of originally designed products, from the initial idea to their full realization. Serbian creative forces, domestic raw materials and production sector are the winning combination to achieve competitiveness on global level", said SIMPO ŠIK president Ljubomir Ilkić regarding the beginning of long-term cooperation with NOVA ISKRA platform.