Nova Iskra at conferences in France and Slovakia in May

Within the European Lab conference, this year themed as Imagine the culture of tomorrow, will take place from May 4th to 6th at the Confluences Museum in Lyon (France). General Manager of Nova Iskra Marko Radenković will participate in a case study titled Incubate them all ! a five-year progress report, dedicated to European creative incubators together with representatives of the European Creative Hubs Network.


Marko will present Nova Iskra’s innovative approach to social and cultural entrepreneurship that was developed by team of Nova Iskra over the last four years. He will also reflect on the difficulties that the project was facing in the process of its establishment, as well as on our business model that had to adapt to changes within the economy and the labor market of the region.


This year European Lab also brings together leading European and world experts in the fields of creative industries, art production, independent music business and cultural policy. The program runs parallel to the music festival Nuit Sonores, which has grown into one of the leading events in France in recent years. Nuit Sonores will be held from May 4th to 6th, while the conference program is organized through a number of panels and lectures by prominent cultural operators. Organizer of the festival and the European Lab is the production company Arty Farty.


The International Conference of Creative Industries and City Image named PLACE! 2016 will be held in Kosice (Poland) from May 5th to 7th. The conference is continuing the process of urban regeneration that was started during the project Kosice - European Capital of Culture 2013. The conference organizer - Institute for Creative Economy - intends to support the development of the cultural and creative scenes, as well as to support the development of professionals through the opening of foreign markets and education.


The conference PLACE! 2016 will be focused on up-to-date topics such as placemaking and urban development led by cultural and creative endeavours. One of the main aims of the conference and the entire CIKE organization is the preparation of strategic documents at the national and international levels, in order to create ideal conditions for the development of cultural and creative industries in Slovakia.


Relja Bobić, our Education Platform Coordinator, will present the business model of Nova Iskra, with a focus on collaborations with young professionals and entrepreneurs in regards to the market conditions within our region. He will also present a project developed within Nova Iskra over the past two years -  the homeware design brand Folkk.